Our rooms at Little Footprints are safe, caring and nurturing environments designed to support each child’s growing needs. Every room is tailored with activities and experiences appropriate for the age and stage of development of each child. Every day at Little Footprints is filled with a range of activities such as singing, music, creative art, literacy and numeracy skills and playing outside that are centred around the individual interests of each child.

We have dedicated staff in all of our rooms provide quality learning experiences and continuity of care based on the individual needs of each of their key children throughout the day.

CCTV in every room ensures that children are safeguarded at all times.

‘Tiny Toes’ is our baby room which has been specifically designed to create a ‘home from home’ feel. This room is bright and airy set up to allow our babies the freedom to explore the environment independently with furniture and equipment placed to support their physical development to pull themselves up ready for walking.

There are cosy areas filled with natural resources along with treasure baskets exploration is specifically designed to stimulate and develop young babies senses for early exploration and problem solving.

‘First Steps’ is an open plan room for our older babies who are on the move and possibly walking therefore ready to explore further. The activities and resources in this room focus a little more on the physical development as the emphasis is on providing a stimulating and challenging environment for our little explorers to freely discover more about their world.

‘Little striders’ supports the growing needs of our toddlers aged 2 to 3 years to express their emotions. As their confidence grows they develop a greater awareness of themselves and their peers and start making friends. Independence is encouraged in a safe and fun environment with inviting child-friendly areas where they can explore and grow supports the start of independence and sets challenges to develop enquiring minds.

‘Happy feet’ Our pre-school rooms encourage each child to develop their ability to look after themselves and the environment they are in. We offer extensive activities providing children the opportunity to explore their imaginations through play. Our activities help develop concentration and co-ordination with each child gaining the confidence and independence for future progress.

We believe working in partnership with our parents and local primary schools is important in order to support children in preparation for their transition onto their next exciting journey at school.

‘Sensory Room’ This area is a stimulating world of sight and sound, designed to meet individual needs of children through the use of light, sound and touch. Multi-sensory rooms are a proven way of enhancing a child’s development.


“Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting.”